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Carrs have lived here since my great grandfather married Maggie Cotter, who's family owned and lived there. My great great grandmother Margaret Cotters mother         Catherine O'Gorman. Looking out from the shop in Cobh at Cork harbour. 2001 My mother Kitty O'Keeffe with my children Brian, Joseph and Jane at her family grave 1988. Both my parents are buried there now. Cobh
My father Joe Carr with his father and his brother Bill outside a 2nd shop they owned about 300m from No.7 My  grandfather Joseph with his brothers Maurice and Thomas, taken in Manchester England  at the wedding of Maurice to Isobella Clinch  Thomas Cotter (Born 1827) with his daughter Margaret Cotter My grandfather Joseph Carr
My grandmother Kathleen Rohan My grandparents Joseph Carr and Kathleen Rohan


Maurice Portrait My Family. 2004

Catherine Farmer my wife of 30 years with myself and Brian in the background and Jane and Joseph in front.

My grandmother Ellen O'Keeffe with my mother at her side with sister Eily on her lap (lived in Cobh)  and  her brother Dick. My grandfather Richard O'Keeffe a painting of him done in China when he was at sea. My uncle Sean with my mother and father in their back garden in Cork My uncle Sean was a bachelor and was a radio officer in the merchant navy.



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