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The Mall

Grandmother Kathleen Rohan with Bill watching: children standing, Lenord O Halloran, Simon O Flaherty, Charlie O Flaherty, Walter Hovells. sitting, Paddy O Flaherty, John (Jessy) Barry, Brian Carr


The Holy Ground

Left: Fanny Mullane, unknown, Eileen Carr, Mrs.Higgins (Daly), children unknown




Kathleen Rohan and son Brian





           Cobh 1991                 

Tall ships visit

Painting Cobh 1830 looking down from SummerHill

Photo Cobh 2001 from the same spot on Summer Hill

Musical Family

In short sleeved pullover:  Tom Carr, Noreen Dobbin    ( Carr ), Mamie O Leary, Eileen Carr, Terry Carr and Brian Carr (children sitting ),I would think that the photos were taken in the early 40s.

Maurice Carr




Eileen Kathleen Joe with Kitty Brian in front




All the photos on pages 5 & 6 are connected to the Joseph (1849) line. I am looking for old  photos from all family members and in particular from the Maurice and Thomas lines. I would also love to get present day pictures of family groups and individual members so that I can add pages with photos and short profiles to help us all to get to know one another.

To anyone  browsing this site who feels they might be connected to our family tree or may have comments, questions or queries. 

Please contact me at :        Writing *Homepage* in the subject box.     * Important


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