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Audrey Carr nee Chesney

Eileen Carr with Brother Brian and her children 




Mary McCabe with Kate Maher and Sinead Ellis

Joe Carr (My Father) 2nd left back with ESB team

2002 From right Maurice Carr with Mother Mary & Nollaig Carr nee O'Donovan, Jimmy Carr (Susie's Father) and host  Brian Carr looking on.


Tom Carr probably taken in his back garden behind the shop


Tommy Carr

John Heaney


Sheila Carr nee Heaney


Angela & Bernadette Heaney

Tommy Carr & Mary Mc Cabe

The Heaney extended family with Evelyn Carr nee McDonnell

Reginald English Husband of Kathleen Carr

Will Carr's Wedding

Jimmy front with Audrey on the other end with his sister Sally with flowers on her dress. Behind Jimmy is his sister Sheila.


Tom Carr a 1st Communion photo aged 9 years

  Some of the above photos include relatives from Maurice (1886) line.

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Add_photos/CaRoseEnglish_JoeCarr_ReginaEnglish.JPG          Catherine Rose English - Joe Carr - Regina English - Cousins enjoying our Childhood down the Battery Strand in Cobh 



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