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Simple chart of Family Tree  

William Carr
Sarah McCarthy



John 17/11/1838

Cloyne Diocese

Richard 29/11/1840

Cloyne Diocese

Mary 09/02/1843

Cloyne Diocese

Ellen 27/01/1845

Cloyne Diocese

Mary (2) 21/02/1847

Cloyne Diocese

Joseph 25/12/1849

Cobh Diocese

Frances 11/03/1852

Cobh Diocese

James 03/12/1854

Cobh Diocese

William 18/08/1857

Cobh Diocese

William & Sarah had nine children, my line came from Joseph (red). I have put colours on the four others that I have information on. See below. 

John Carr 1838    married  Joanna Haley  in New York State      -      I have found his Royal Navy records Children:  John Emanuel Carr 1874 and Joseph Carr 1879


 Richard :- Died 16 Oct. 1866 at 7 The Mall, Queenstown (Cobh) Co. Cork


Never Married                                             


James Carr 1854 married:                                                Emigrated to USA

 Catherine Murphy 18/02/1882 @ Cobh

Children:- Richard 07/05/1883

James 13/09/1884

Henry 19/08/1886


William Carr married: Ellen Drinan 27/08/1881 @ Cobh, Emigrated that year to USA.  Died 10th February 1933 Cambridge MA. and buried in St. Pauls cemetery Arlington MA


Joseph Carr 1849 Married 1880 Margaret Cotter 28/01/1849
Four Children
William 1883 Died at age 2 years Joseph 1885 Maurice 1886 Thomas 1890

Joseph 1849 & 1885 were my Great grandfather and grandfather respectively.

Joseph 1885

My grandfather

Cobh Co. Cork


Had nine children

7 The Mall Cobh

Kathleen Rohan

Of Midleton

Co. Cork


Maurice 1886


Married lived in Dublin/Manchester

Had eight children


Isobella Clinch:- Of Co.Meath Founded & ran Carrs Ice Cream in Manchester England


Thomas 1890

Lived @ 4 The Mall (Pub)

Married and had

Two Children

Joan Garde:- Of




See: Joseph 1849 - Royal Naval Service

See: John 1838    - Royal Naval Service

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