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Names in My O'Keeffe Family Tree:

Ahearn, Allen, Barry, Carr, Corkery, Cotter, Cronin, Donovan, Drake, Duffin, Eynon, Flynn, Fogarty, Grogan, Kilmartin, McCarthy, Manning, Meaney, Molloy, Murray, Neville, O'Donovan, O'Driscoll, O'Halloran, O'Keeffe, O'Shea, O'Sullivan, Poplar, Russell, Sliney, Stanley, Swanton, Tobin, Treacy, Wally, Walsh, Wheelehan, Whelan, Wolfrom


I am using a tiny, Family Tree software program called Genopro which I downloaded  from the Internet ( ) and find it to be excellent, it holds extensive information on my family tree from William & Catherine to date. You will need to download a copy and install it on your computer first, if you wish to see my Database in tree form. You can also use it to build your own family tree.

Before you access my database visit   You can request a 14 day Trial key which will give you full functionality, also it will give you an idea of how to navigate around the family using either of the two ways offered below:



Two ways to look at the data


1/  Gedcom Report

With a Gedcom Report there is no need to download any program. Each person is a link and you can navigate about the family in this way. This also contains some photos (camera symbol) that may take a few seconds to appear. 

When you click on the "Click Here" Gedcom link it will open a new page on your web Browser. You are give a choice of viewing Individuals or Families. where you see a camera symbol it means there are photos or records attached. There may be many attached so press the button under the picture, and click on the record to enlarge.


 Click Here        



2/  Tree format

In order to see the database in tree form you must download Genopro.  ( )

After you download the Genopro program and put it on your computer, click on the Hyperlink "Click here" below

A dialog box may appear giving you the choice of Open or download.  Choose Open.

Click on the person in the tree to open the information fields on them. It opens with the general information tab, if you see a photo, there may be more attached under the Pictures tab.

This also contains some photos anywhere you see a red dot. Click on the attached Photos or Documents and they will open in another bigger window you can pull at the corners to make them even bigger so that you can read documents etc


For privacy reasons personal information about living persons has being removed where necessary.  

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I intend to place a selection of photos on Page 4 in the near future. In the meantime you may see a selection of both Carr and O'Keeffe photos on Pages 5 & 6 of the Carr site.  Link to page 5 Carr site

I am looking for old  photos from all extended family members and in particular from the Richard, Julia and Elizabeth lines.


If You are interested in genealogy research or Ireland, try my useful links Page

Useful Links

Why research is hard in Ireland


My Great Grand Uncle The Maurice Cotter story  A Call from the Grave        To anyone  browsing this site who feels they might be connected to our family tree or may have comments, questions or queries.

Contact Me -        Writing "Homepage" in the subject box.


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