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I have done most of my research on the Carr family and try to update the O'Keeffe side every now and then


My Mother Mary Kate O'Keeffe (Known as Kitty) was a wonderful person and a poem that she used to quote may give you an insight into the way she lived

"If you have nothing good to say, Say Nothing"    My mother always told us

Speak No Ill

Speak no ill, but lenient be

To others failing, as your own

If you're the first to see the fault

Be not the first to make it known

For life is but a passing day

No lips can tell how short its span

So if but little good we know

Let us speak of all as best we can


Speak no ill

A kindly word will never let a sting behind

But oh to breed each tale we've heard

Is far beneath a noble mind

For oft a better seed is sown

By choosing thus a kinder plan

So if but little good we know

Let us speak of all as best we can




                                                                                         Photos of Cobh from the air taken Sunday 08th January 2006                                                                                                              


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My Mother was an office secretary in the Cobh laundry where she worked until she got married. When we lived in Bendemeer park, Clothes were washed every Monday, some neighbours had no washing machines and my mother used have a gathering every week for years so they could do their washing. She was such a gentle person and would never say anything negative about anyone.


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