James Carr

The convict list of the Countess of Harcourt shows that James was convicted at the Lenten ASSIZES at Co. Meath Ireland 1822 .it states he was given a term of the HOLE OF HIS LIFE  He was age 22 --  Native Place Co Meath  -- Calling:  a reaper or thresher. High - 5 foot 6, Complexion - fair, Eyes - brown.

 James Carr the convict arrived in New South Wales, Sydney Town on 21 December 1822 after a trip of 109 days on the Countess of Harcourt, which had sailed from Cork. The Countess of Harcourt was reported to have left Cork with a cargo of 174 convicts, but 2 convicts were re-landed and 1 died on the voyage, which was normal for this time. The voyage of 109 days was the second fastest for 1822.

The first record of James found in NSW Record Centre.

1822: On list of convicts landed from the Countess of Harcourt and forwarded to Parramatta for distribution.

A gap until 27th of October 1824:

 Forwarded to take charge of run of Jane McKenna and Matthew Hyland (Hylandís play a part in the rest of his life)

 November 2nd 1825: Convict in the service of  Matthew Hyland of Prospect at the last two musters

  Obtain ticket of leave 31/840, which states he must remain in the District of Prospect.

20th July 1837 Married:    Ann Brown - records in Saint Maryís Cathedral Sydney show they were married at long Swamp. The priest travelled on horseback around NSW saying mass etc. The witnesses were John Gaw and Thomas Hyland.

James  and Ann   stayed  with the Hylandís over the next few years.

  It would appear that James and Ann started to track around the bottom of the Great Diving Range that took more than three or four years. It is said that they may have had two children that were lost in a drowning accident.

   The first children we have proof of were born at Moonbab a station below the Alps on Headwaters of the Snowy River.                                                                                                                                      





8th March 1841

6th April 1912



10th January 1909



 29th October 1912



27th October 1912



7th April 1926


12th August 1849

9th January 1907


6th November 1854

30th December 1921


22nd May 1857

30th August 1938


 In 1846 they shifted down in to Gippsland to squat on a run adjacent to Carr Creek

In December 1846 they shifted to Merrimans Creek, which is near (Holey Plains State Park). This farm was called Donibrook had an area of 6 square miles with a frontage of 4 miles on the creek. James applied for grazing licences but was not successful so they left the land in mid 1850's Ann, Thomas and Catherine were born.

  In 1857 we find them at One Tree farm near Sale were Ellen was born.

James obtained grazing on a farm named Boxthorn and William at Redgum Flat.

 May 1861 -  Ann died of gangrene in one of her legs one of the few factors know about Ann is that she refused to have her leg amputated to save her life. Ann would have been 42 and left a young family.

 February 1866 - James was found drown in a stream between Maffra and Upper Maffra. An inquest was held were it was reported that James had been drinking brandy before and on the trip. James must have been 62 years of age.

  James and Ann are buried in Sale.

Ann: It is believed she was born in Sydney in 1819. She was the daughter of  Richard Brown a convict who was convicted in Dublin, Ireland in February 1810 and given a sentence of seven years. He was taken to London to be transported to New South Wales on the Providence one of only three ships sent with convicts to Australia in 1810 arriving in Sydney on the 21th Jan 1811.  Ann's mother was Sarah Coates a convict who came from Gloucester who arrived on the Wanstead on the 9th Jan 1814. Richard died in 1824.

 James and Ann's children

     Mary                   Married           John              Hagan    8 - 03 - 1864

                                                        Thomas         Scott       7 - 08 - 1878

                                                        John              Collins     6 - 09 - 1898

                                                        James            Rice         5 - 05 - 1904

     William            Bachelor


    John                  Married             Anne Maria         Armstrong    1892

    James                                        Celia                     Williams      01 - 8 - 1869

    Ann                                            Thomas                 Johnstone    30 - 6 - 1865

   Thomas                                       Naomi                  Morphett     23 - 10 - 1872

   Catherine                                    John                     Gilsenan      18 - 04 - 1881

   Ellen                                            Charles Edward    Stewart . 


  Rob O'Brien a proud descendant kindly supplied this information   


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