FLEETWING W coal hulk, ex 3 mast bq, 786 t, ON79515, 164.0 x 33.0 x 21.9, B.1854 Medford, Mass. Acquired Aug. 1888 by The Adelaide SS Co. who loaded her with coal and sent her to Broome to act as coal hulk. Her Melbourne register was closed in 1913 with 'broken up'. Someone unknown has assumed she was scuttled but there is no evidence to substantiate this statement.



A coal hulk was usually an old ship, converted to a barge and used to supply coal to ships arriving in port so that they could continued their sea voyage.

The SS Otway was obviously bunkering (taking on coal for its steam boilers) and it is most lightly that Maurice was on board the Fleetwing to assist, when he slipped and fell into its cargo hold.