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Born: 1-Jan-1842
Died: 18-Jan-1926   Day and month of birth unknown

Comments: On the marriage cert Michael's surname is Card. On the birth cert of their first child James it was also Card then it changed to Carde for the second birth and transformed to Carr for the next four children and went back to Carde for the last two.
Michael was a fisherman. He owned two salmon fishing boats that were involved in a tragedy that caused great bitterness in the villiage.

Micheal was born at the same time as William Carr & Sarah were having their family in the same area.

Micheal's Family

Spouse: Hanorah O'Sullivan (Married 21-Jun-1868)
Children: James Card, Ellen Carde, Margaret Carde, Patrick Carr, John Patrick Carr, Mary Card, Michael (1) Thomas Card, Hanorah Carr, Daniel Carde, Michael Carde
Married in the Cobh parish. Witnesses were William Card & Mary Willson

Micheal's Heritage

Parents: James Card, Ellen  Rohan