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Husband:   Patrick O'Sullivan


The most mysterious character in my entire family tree is Patrick
O'Sullivan.  He arrived "on the run" at the Wilson's household.  The Wilsons noticed that he had very fine hands i.e. not two lumps of concrete the size of shovels that you would associate with labouring.
Patrick eventually married the daughter, Nancy Wilson, but for the rest of his life, other that the fact that he came from Bear Island in Kerry, he would say nothing of his past.
All of this information I got from my late grandmother, born Margaret Murphy whose mother was Margaret Carde, daughter of Michael and Hanorah
and insistent on the spelling of Carde

Information source: Tim Mulholland grandson of Margaret Murphy.

Wife:   Nancy Wilson


Nancy had six children Hanorah, Daniel, Mary, John, Micheal and Patrick (Not necessarily in that order).
Daniel went to Australia and used to visit home often. He would stay in the Queen's hotel, now the Commodore hotel in Cobh.. He brought home a giant clam shell one half of which is in Ballamore church with a dedication to his parents and the other half is at the Bishop's palace in Cobh.

Micheal married Annie Flynn, their children were Dennis, Patrick and Margaret Ann who married a man from Waterford named Foran, they had two boys and a girl who married a farmer named Higgins.

Female  Child 1:   Hanorah O'Sullivan

Born: 1-Jan-1842
Died: 13-Feb-1932
Spouse: Micheal Card
Children: James Card, Ellen Carde, Margaret Carde, Patrick Carr, John Patrick Carr, Mary Card, Michael (1) Thomas Card, Hanorah Carr, Daniel Carde, Michael Carde

See: Mother - Nancy Wilson for siblings